‘TrapxLA’ Robinhood — 2012 SUV Money Heist

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money on the highway, robbers throw money out the window.
2012 SUV Money Heist — bank robbers throw money out the window (KTLA)

Let’s take a ‘Robin Hood’ moment to remember our very own ‘TrapxLA’ — (2012) SUV Money Heist.

NBC4: “Robbery Suspects Toss Money Out SUV Window During LA Pursuit’’

“Kind of like a Robin Hood situation, rob from the rich, give to the poor,” said one witness.

‘’I remember the event like last week. I had recently graduated high school, working at a hospital, and while changing the bed I looked up on screen and saw the news showing a green suv just cruising with money flying out of it. I had slapped myself to see if it was real. It was ‘fasho’ real. I’m looking and thinking ‘that gotta be at least a few thousand flying out the window.’ Maybe a few 10 to 100 thousand.’’

The SUV Money Heist started in the early afternoon, somewhere driving south from Canyon County, CA while on freeway 5 Interstate. Passing San Fernando Valley, Burbank, West Hollywood, and NOHO (North Hollywood), affluent neighborhoods if you will.

It wasn’t until the driver made it to the South Central area where “TrapXLA Robin Hood” started throwing 10’s, 20’s, 50’s, 100’s of thousands of dollars for 5–10 miles.

Being from South Central LA this moment was surreal. The city was still in mourning with the family of Rekia Boyd (Chicago; police murder victim, 1989–2012) and hearing the finalization of 2008–2011 auto bailouts, money allocations, and not to mention the mourning of Trayvon Martin (Florida, murdered by Zimmerman, 1995–2012).

I say this to paint a clear picture and setting of why ‘TrapXLA’ SUV Money Heist is a Robin Hood to remember.

Many times in our poverish black and brown/Indigenous cities we are left with plastic forks, given no boots. High death rates of adults and kids left to fend for themselves, while loan sharks and liquor stores along with planned parenthood continue to attack our inner city communities.

2012 was a scary year. Many people stood on corners thinking the world would come to an end. But more than ever our cities are ill and lack the necessary resources or sustainability.

In 2012 South Central doubled the nation’s poverty rate at 30%. That’s roughly ⅓ residents living in poverty. Though South Central continues to struggle with poverty, now at 20%, times like this give the city hope, and lights the furnace of many ready to do for self. Poverty rate is determined primarily on those who depend on government assistance — which brings the importance of doing for self.

While many residents of the area had much to say about the ‘TrapxLA Robin Hood’ so did police..

Police: “if the suspect thought that throwing money out of the window would distract us, they’re wrong. . . They will run out of cash before we run out of sheriff deputies.”

What the cop failed to realize was that the money was not a distraction for the police. Nor was a get away tack tick. The SUV Money Heist was a symbol of oppression, and symbol of good gesture.

For you ‘TrapxLA Robin Hood — SUV Money Heist’ we thank you and appreciate you.

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