The Black Diaspora — United Slaves of America. A homage to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King, sit with three of their four children in their Atlanta, Ga, home, on March 17, 1963. (AP Photo)

‘‘Shut up that’s why you ain’t got no daddy.”

‘’ Atleast my hair touch my neck. And imma boy!”

“Shut up you African booty scratcher.”

We roast one another as a sign of endearment. Call each other ‘my nigga’ to take back the power within. Each city and burrow, and project of ‘the ghetto’ has its own slang, but we all share the same carbon 9.

“Change does not roll in on the wheel of inevitability but comes through the continuous struggle.” — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Though Rev. Dr. King is not here with us today his vision has been paved and lives on.

After the death of the late great Rev. King April 4, 1968. The Black Panther Party would use this momentum to catapult their Political Organization. Implementing after school programs such as: meals on wheels, tutoring, safety rides, community policing, and even jobs. The political organization power reign from 1966–1982 leading Chicago for the better and later spreading to all major black cities. After the interception from the FBI. The Black Panther Party would be labeled as an ‘extremist group’ stating domestic terror in the U.S.

The Black Panther Political Party

While the FBI feared a rise of the black messiah — in 1971 Nixon would later enact the “War on Drugs” crime bill. Placing a lawful order for increased policing, traffic stops and mandatory community routes. This would spark a full-on controversy leading to not only racism but systemic racism as well. Redlining would soon take place and though many Foundational Black Americans would not see the benefit of housing projects or the FHA program; in 1965 the Immigration and Nationality Act would take place. In 1980 the Refugee Act created even more opportunities for African Immigration.

Jim Crow, Red Lining, South, FHA Loans

It is said that home ownership is the most secure and longevity source of building wealth. And while Europeans would primarily see this benefit. The Refugee Act would allow primarily African immigrants to participate in wealth benefits immediately touching United Slaves of American soil. This crucial pivot in America would begin ‘The Black Diaspora.’ Where Jesse Jackson in 1989 would coin the term ‘African American.’

Creating separation amongst fellow Carbon 9 in wealth, classism, education, and even psyche.

The 1980’s would later support redlining. And with the dismantle of the Black Panther Party, the political organization would have no leaders nor direction. With constant insurrection by the Slave Patrol aka ‘The Police.’ The Bloods and Crips where born. Though the bloods did not have a unifying name like the Crips. Founded in 1965 by Raymond Washington and Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams. It wasn’t until Sylvester Scott was jumped, Compton native of Westside Piru that the term ‘Bloods’ was created.

Gangs initially set out to protect the community and though some still do. Many of the OG’s and triple OG’s are not as active in the gang as the community would like them to be.

The black diaspora is fueled today by misguided passion/anger, lack of resources, inability to ‘hustle,’ followers, wannabees, and black privilege.



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