SXSW 2023 w/ Investinstocks| ft. Jaaynice & 816ant

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3 min readMar 20, 2023
Rapper Invest-in-stocks at SXSW with Revolt
Investinstocks @ SXSW 2023

“You don’t need a band to do hip-hop; you only need a DJ”

— The Dream

South By South West is one of the largest music festivals with over 300 venues to date based in Austin, TX. I got the chance to experience Texas owns SXSW and left with great times.

I got the chance to meet Investinstocks and hang out backstage. A few performers were expected out the gate. But as a Crypto-Enthusiast and supporter of good music I was most excited for ‘Investinstocks.’

‘Chill with the FUD and The FOMO’ — Investinstocks (Whale Talk)

While at ‘The Belmont’ he performed his latest single “Whale Talk.” I’ve been following Stocks for a few months now and made a few wins off some gems he’s given. In the crypto space we have a label for ‘Big Holders’ Stocks let’s the streets know that term is ‘Whale.’ A large holder in the crypto space via cryptocurrencies or NFT’s.

SXSW 2023 w/ Investocks| ft. Jaaynice & 816ant

Stocks typically host a small Q&A podcast for Revolt where he gives small gems on the Crypto and NFT space. And also has his own brand ‘Buy Money.’ While he’s crossing over into Rap and Hip-Hop I think his impact will be substantial. Stocks also has another song called ‘Bx**h is mine’ where he shows his range in style and versatility in hip-hop. With a slow dirty south type beat, old school feel but new game. The song can be played from Bar-B-Q to Bar-B-Q or slab’n down the street.

As for now keep your ear to the ground for his latest EP, Mixtape or Album. ‘Streets on lock’ — The Savy.

Featuring — @Jaaynice on Apple Music

We got to follow up with LA based artist Jaaynice since last year and he’s recently dropped a new ep. ‘Emotionless.’

It includes 4 quality songs. Each one sets a tone and vibe for what you chill to, play, listen or smoke.

If you were to ask us; “Which song has the potential to go number one?’’ we’d say. . . Track 2. ‘Waste Time’

Find @jaaynnice on Instagram

“Heard you having problems, heard you wasting time. . .”

— Jaaynice (Waste Time).

Through the years Jaaynice has given us a range of style. It is no surprise that this EP includes a song given for each sound. This project was throughout with choice and heart.

Find ‘Emotionless’ — Jaaynice on Apple Music.

Featuring — @816ant on Apple Music

Texas based artist 816ant has been on a killing streak lately. With 20 points in the first half and 3 tipple doubles. His performances brings presents! and tanacity! and hooks and bars!

816ant is definitely on the watchlist as his song DMT and CNM are going viral on Texas State campus and on the sound cloud algo.

Find @816ant on Instagram

‘‘I tried to tell you once, but now I gotta tell you again, welcome to kingdom come. . .’’ — 816ant (CNM Freestyle)

You can catch one 816ant shows from ATX, San Marcos, to San Antonio.

Find ‘DMT’ — 816ant on Apple Music.



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