SpittyGray NEW EP Review ‘In The Motion’

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SpittyGray In The Motion
SpittyGray covert art EP ‘In The Motion’ Photo by Laudiano

It’s a whol’ lotta talk about motion. ‘Only motion’ and ‘we got the motion’ ‘Motion Mondays’ ‘motion in god speed’ but when you really move like that and got yo own motion — It’s different!

Earlier this year January 2023 SpittyGray was featured in Dijon Pauls’ Magazine “Charting Artist Hits Top 50 On The Top 200 Charts” by Bittburt3.

‘In The Motion’ features a 7 track EP delivering sounds from ‘chill vibes, G-Funk, lyrical and singing.’ You can expect each song to be thumped in the car turning up or cruising to get where you gotta go.

SpittyGray is an independent artist rapping and creating under the label NounsPro. NounsPro est. 2010. Releasing over 5 mixtapes and 1 official album NounsPro is currently working on its next project and future strategic collaborations. Recently SpittyGray has worked with various artists, but his biggest collaboration thus far is Snoop Dogg’s artist ‘Doggy Style.’

SpittyGray Ft. Doggystyleeee 6 FO

Track 1: In The Motion — Westcoast cruise music

Track 2: Im The Shit — Talking shit banger melody

SpittyGray — Im The Shit

Track 3: Moment In Time — Cruising and vibin’

Track 4: Move On- Melodic jams

Track 5: P’s and Q’s — What it sound like (Lyrical)

Track 6: Player Shit — Spin on G-Funk and Spitty bars

Tack 7: Persuasive Money — Slow jams. Something for the ladies. ‘On some Chris Brown’

In The Motion Co-Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Session. Sessions has been producing music for over 4 years now. Working primarily with NounsPro. Bring sound of Hip-Hip, R&B, Rap, G-Funk, Hardcore and Melodies. Produced by HUNNNIDP. Producing over 3 years in sounds like R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rap with versatility.

You can find SpittyGray and NounsPro New EP on: Apple Music and YouTube. SpittyGray and NounsPro is on all platforms: Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp.



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