LA Base Artist Jaaynicce Links Up W/ Deshae Frost

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On a trip to LA this year I got chance to capture a moment with upcoming artist Jaaynice and YouTube blogger known as Deshae Frost. LA Based Rapper Jaaynicce and I attended an event while running into an old homie of his from Carson. The two grew up in Carson, CA before the music and before the fame and before money, the two were living close lives.

Funny enough mid conversation:

Jaaynicce: Yeah, Deshae Frost use to date my sister (Author and Youtuber @1brithebest)

Me: Yea, but how you know bro bro, Deshae Frost?

Jaaynicce: On some other shit we use to do some mo’ shit together and run the streets as youngins. Shi we at one point we went on this double date. He was with YouTuber (…….) and I was with a baddie.

Me: So it was a successful date or dry af?

Jaaynicce: Nah it was a success and shi after that me and bro been coo since.

If your not 18+ I’m going to have ask you to leave and allow the adults to continue — check out the clip below for a snippet of Jaaynicce and Deshae Frost.

Snippet Starring @Jaaynicee ft. @Deshaefrost

The song in the snippet it “ …..” one of Jaaynicce recent songs. Jaaynicce has closed his 2021 season and moving on into his next venture of 2022 and 2023 with a plan of consistent music, content and artistry.

Throughout Jaaynicce music you can find an original West LA based sound. He is inspired by DSavagae2700, “. . . . . “

I asked Jaaynicce what is his most memorable moment in the studio?


Jaaynicce has been making music since 2018 and has shown a lot of growth in sound, lyricism, artistry, word play, and design.

Check out Jaaynicce’s first live performance with the 100 Summers team.

100 Summers Event

The 100 Summer Event showcased “… . .. Jaaynicce and … . . .” He said he had fun performing and the experience taught him about conditioning. And about taking care of the body and that he plans on changing some things but doesn’t plan on leaving bacon anytime soon.

Me: Man no lie it’s kind of hard finding you on some platforms

Jaaynicce: Yea I know . . . . Instagram keep deleting my accounts. At one point I was up 6K. I’ve lost over 4 accounts.

The first account was . . . then @Jaynice . . . then .. . and even when I use to jerk in middle school. I had up to 14K. . .

Me: Dam, that’s brazy.

It’s unfortunate that artist still go through the turmoil of there account being deactivated from . As a business your network and cliental is everything so to loose reach of listeners can be detrimental as well.

Fortunate enough loyal ones stick around.

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Check out some of Jaaynicce music

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