Jaaynnice Emotionless EP Release Music Video for ‘Around Town’

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2 min readMay 31, 2023

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— @Jaaynice on Apple Music

We got to follow up with LA based artist Jaaynnice since last year and he’s recently dropped a new ep. ‘Emotionless.’

Includes 4 quality songs. Each one sets a tone and vibe for what you chill to, play, listen or smoke.

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If you were to ask us; “Which song has the potential to go number one?’’ we’d say. . . Track 2. ‘Waste Time’

BUT! after this music video release. For the culture. We definitely have to say ‘Around Time’ will do numbers!

“They say the world is mine, but I been gone. . .In every occation I gotta stay patient. . .”

— Jaaynice (Around Time)

Jaaynice (Around Town) Official Video

“Heard you having problems, heard you wasting time. . .”

— Jaaynice (Waste Time).

Through the years Jaaynice has given us a range of style. It is no surprise that this EP includes a song given for each sound. This project was thought out with choice and heart.

Find ‘Emotionless’ — Jaaynice on Apple Music.



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