Introducing Blue Melodies AKA Mr. Hitmaker

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2 min readJul 15, 2023
Blue Melodies and Twin Hector and apparel and street fashion
Blue Melodies

We got the chance to link up with Blue Melodies, Mr. Hitmaker himself and he is a cool dude. If you ever linked up with a friend of a friend and be like ‘I don’t like this mf.’ It’s the opposite with Blue. He’s funny and cool as hell to be around. Nothing but good positive vibes.

“I do this, I brought out a verified artist, with good energy, que lo que.’ — Blue Melodies said to the security guard at Agaves nightclub (Long Beach, CA).

Melodies have been in the entertainment field for quite a while now. From acting in the 1997 black romance ‘Sprung.’ Dance choreography with America’s Best Dance Crew Jabbawockeez. And writing music for known A list and B list artists.

Blue Melodies now has a viral single with Twin Hector — Life Goes On. Twin Hector New 2023 Album ‘What A Time II Be Alive’

Twin Hector Ft. Blue Melodies (Life Goes On)

His recent popularity comes from performing and hosting Brunch By The Beach at The Harbor (Long Beach, CA). You can expect Melodies to make the scene clip for clip, live and entertaining. More than just a vibe, it’s a movie.

Be sure to find Blue Melodies on Instagram @melodiesbluess and his next live performance on Pine — Long Beach, CA



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