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5 min readDec 7, 2023
“Brookenation Hair Oil, Chess Not Checkers, TrapLA, Cheat Code Algo” — 4 Ethical Black Owned Businesses

Chess Not Checkers

Chess Not Checkers is by far the leading competitor in the fintech education community. Key take aways from “TallGuyTycoons” Chess Not Checkers community space is 97% success rate per breaking stock aka (breaking artist), unpaved results from incentives such as, play calls per stock, crypto currency: BTC, CARDANO, ETH, alt coins, defi banking news, updated play calls on Bitcoin Halving, stock calls(CleanSpark, RIOT, ARM, NIVIDA) and New IPO breaks. ‘Bias not intended,’ however it is the one company we have done the most business with. TallguyTycoon has also written a book “The Strategic Millionaire.”

Their capabilities and outcomes in the Crypto Enthusiast space has been substantial mostly due to their Discord. Chess Not Checkers Discord community engages with it’s audience, customers and guest. The information from incentives alone can proof profit. ‘In 2020 I net a return on RIOT for 250%, and the Discord does so much more than just give calls their are learning tools that are downloadable!. Featured on 4biddenknowledge.tv, Latin Wealth, Official Cherie Johnson (YouTube), Chess Not Checkers (Apple Podcast) and local t.v. Being a Afro-Latino company (Black Business Owners’), Chess Not Checkers is becoming momentous in the investment community space. At $67 per/mo community members can enjoy play calls, crypto-calls, community, edutainment, feedback, upcoming stock breaks and DEFI updates and more. There incentives include free stock calls, edutainment, and bitcoin updates. Based off of the combined knowledge of the CNC community, play calls and possible stock/crypto positions and information in the Crypto-Enthusiast space we ‘’guestimate’’ an increase next quarter of 100%–400%. Or equivalency of a booming profitable ETF, much like when Apple and Amazon first break.

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BrookeNation Hair Growth Oil

Atlanta based “Brooknation Hair Growth Oil” leads in growth hair oil. Through reading a wide range of yelp reviews, social media reviews as well as “abc7 news” reviews, customer reviews, and feed back. I’ve finally decided to make the purchase of “Brooknation Hair Oil.” With over 27 different brick and mortar locations the hair brand oil reviews rate exceedingly well with 4.9 out of 5. Raving Tik Tok reviews say ‘this works,’ FREE hair oil w/ Brookenation via VLOG, and more importantly the company’s ability in scaling. The company has added shampoo and conditioner to the line. YouTube reviews, collaborating with podcasters, the local city, and surrounding store fronts all increase the companies market share. Net profits are unknown but judging by the companies market trends, added product line of Shampoo and Conditioner, insights, public KPI and sustainability — we are making an educated profit increase of 12%-32% next quarter. I am excited for this business as well as a satisfied customer.

BrookeNation Hair Growth Oil Music Video

Trap LA

Trap LA is a music marketing promotion company based in Los Angeles, California. The company has been in business for well over 10 years and continues to scale in business model, market shares and insight. His capabilities in manufacturing and production are both in-house and open source. His incentives include ‘edutainment,’ entertainment, viral and local Hip-Hop updates via website, and creating playlist.

Social media ‘on all platforms,’ TikTok? and free product raffles. We first worked with Trap LA in 2021 for his local viral content/article of a Bank Robbery in 2012. Since 2021 Trap LA has scaled not only his content but as well as his overall production and deliverables. During TrapLA scaling his has giving away ‘Free Game’ on how he has done so. Publicly TrapLA has mentioned Funnel.io, QR Codes, & target marketing. Funnel.io an easily accessible tool that allows you to post/filter throughout multiples platforms. QR codes are simply the future some are convertible to Web3 while some are Web2. And most notable target marketing is ‘knowing your market.’

TrapLA current #1 selling product is his 1,000 Digi Cards for $175. Marketing being visual to your direct consumers and there of. Due to Trap LA community based structure, sustainability capabilities, increased market share and incentives we project an educated guess of next quarter profits to be above 5% — 12%.

What’s Coming to TrapLA in 2023

Cheat Code Algo is a fintech company, Black Business Owned and offers a range of products and services. This is one company that continues to scale, offers great customer services and option calls. The company is adjacent for all variants of traders from beginners, intermediate and experts. Beginners can find themselves highly interested in there deck of trading cards or incentive option calls. Intermediaries may find themselves high delve into the Cheat Code Algo community via App, SMS Text, or Zoom Calls. Experts & intermediaries will be highly interested in Cheat Code’s Algo — currently pricing for Cheat Code Algo is priced $99 per/mo. That’s 30% off from original price. “Cheat Code Algo uses a series of indicators to predict market trends. When two or more indicators show a similar pattern it’s called COFLUENCE” Cheat Code ALGO features a 6 step insight

  1. Buy & Sell Signals
  2. Reversal Bands
  3. Hinticators
  4. Caution Candles
  5. CC Squeeze
  6. CC Swing

Business highlights primarily includes their zoom calls (live options trading), Trading deck cards and my favorite- Cheat Algo App. Cheat Code understands their market share as well as there deliverable capabilities which makes them a for runner in Fintech community market share. Their incentives includes option calls, community forum, and free download to there IOS APP. Based off the company’s market share, products, tools, and community based structure we project an educated guess of a 9%-20% increase in market share next quarter.

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