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3 min readJun 21, 2022
Texas State Football. Bars. Austin and mining. San Marcos and Film Production.

1. Texas State University’s Football Head Coach. Needs To Go!

TXST’s 10-year-long losing streak continues with a 2021 record of 4–8. I’ll be the first to say . . . ‘eat em up kats’ however the energy or the motto has not been received or reciprocated. Football holds the most weight and outcome on school morale. #TXST football team’s overall morale has suffered and in return, The University is in a state of deprivation.

Personally, I believe in our football team. The players bring energy, effort, and tenacity. They bring it, play for play in the Central Texas heat, but is it for the city? Is there synchronicity between the team and Coach Spavital to execute a winning season? ‘Eat em up Kat’s’

2. ‘Square Moves’ Top 4 Bars

1. Nephews

Obviously the most overall fun. Great drinks and prices. Music delivers and the atmosphere is fun and sexy with a VIP Lounge and section.

2. Chimmy’s

The best place to catch a pregame, the game, or some Chimmy Fries, Taco or Nachos. And for drinks DP shootouts. And Barstool’s 2019’s “BEST BAR ON THE SQUARE”

3. Mayloos

One word. Gameface! Mayloos signature drink and Barstool 2021 Champions. You can always find a vibe here, maybe not always the one you want. ‘I was once not let in for having on a white t-shirt.’ Nonetheless good music and good times.

4. The Vault

The Vault is a nightclub that brings a mix of party sections and good drinks and besides the sticky floors really the best aesthetically. In the back, you can find ‘Sake.’ Sake is culturally known for its “Sake Bombs.”

Coming to The Square 2022 ‘The Aquarium’ — also known as “The Rooftop.”

3. Austin Prepares for ‘’Great Mining Migration’’

First and foremost let’s address Bitcoin. Bitcoin, “b*tch coin” and whatever other disrespectful name you can think of, and yes Bitcoin has “tanked.”

And by tanked I mean it has dropped below its established floor of $28,000. This does hurt the Cryptocurrencies ecosystem however those who believe in being bullish in the bear market may have the loudest roar.

According to Fortune in an article titled “Texas is becoming the world capital for Bitcoin mining” published in February 2022.

June 2021 Governor Greg Abbott signed a law protecting bitcoin and mining. His statement: “It’s happening. Texas will be the crypto leader.” His reasoning: “Bitcoin derives value from renewable energy that would be impossible otherwise.”

Governor Greg Abbott Signs #bitcoin law

4. San Marcos Prepares for Film Studios

‘Is the Starplex open?’

‘You think the Starplex is going to open back up?’

‘Let’s go inside?’

Rest assured our questions and answers have been brought to the public. “On June 7, 2022 — City Council Members voted on tax incentives for approval of Chapter 380. . . A tax incentive for real estate and personal property taxes.”

According to the San Marcos Corridor, the Chapter 380 proposal would benefit Texas State University Students and San Marcos CID, property owners, commercial real estate, and including caterers, dry cleaners, lumber suppliers, digital equipment suppliers, electricians, commercial real estate agents, tailors, plumbers, and carpenters.



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